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"We follow the secrets of cheese-art making, inherited from our family ancestors."

The Development

Our company today

Maintaining the originality and the family secrets of the cheese making “art”, the third generation created Lesvos Dairy SA and set even higher goals.

Today, Lesvos Dairy SA, is one of the largest cheese manufacturers of Lesvos island. From generation to generation, the family protected the high quality and unique flavor of its products.

In 2006, the company invested heavily in building a new, modern, fully technological advanced production unit.

New facilities are equipped with the latest technological equipment, holding an average production capacity of 1000 tons of soft and hard cheeses per year.

Combining the new technology with the traditional art of cheese making, Lesvos Dairy produces its products with the exact same recipes as the first traditional family dairy, but keeping up in all the modern safety and quality standards regarding production and packaging.

The company is continuously responding to market trends and customer demands offering innovative new products that meet their needs. Specially designed packaging preserves the scents, nutritional and taste qualities.

Our dairy company has an annual production capacity of 1000 tons of soft and yellow cheeses,  with a continuous sales growth in Greece and overseas countries.