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"We follow the secrets of cheese-art making, inherited from our family ancestors."


Traditional Family dairy business 

The history of Lesvos Dairy begins in 1966 in the village Chidira of Lesvos island of Greece, where a traditional family cheese dairy produces local products, such as the hard Ladotyri Mytilinis, cheese with the local name “kefalaki”, the piquant yellow gruyere type cheese, the sheep’s fresh butter and Feta cheese, aged in wooden barrels.

The traditional Ladotyri and Feta cheese of the family were famous all around the island due to the exquisite taste, rich flavor and aroma.

Milk was collected every morning and evening

All family products were produced with an excellent knowhow using traditional cheese making tools such as special cloth, copper containers, wooden cutting boards. Feta was maturing in wooden barrels while ladotyri was retained until its sale in a container full of virgin olive oil.

All family cheese products were produced using the unique art of cheese making, inherited from our family ancestors, a trademark  of products popularity at the island.