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"A delicious traditional spicy cheese, spicy flavor and aroma which matures in oil"
Ladotyri Mytilinis, P.D.O in Wax

It is covered in cheese wax and it’s available in:

  • 1.2 kg round block.
  • 600gr half block.
  • 200gr (saganaki) in air-sealed vacuum package (open/close).

The PDO Ladotyri Mytilene, Lesvos milk is available and for utilitarian reasons paraffined. He has a small head shape, known as the “head of Mytilene” while it matures for at least 3 months in controlled conditions. It has a light yellow color and is dotted with small holes. It stands out for its pleasant aroma and slightly spicy and salty flavor. Made from goat’s milk (at least 85% sheep) exclusively on the island of Lesbos. It boasts a fancy rich aroma, soft texture, pleasantly salty and full of flavor.

It’s a very special table cheese, perfect appetizer with ouzo or wine. The Ladotyri consumed alone, at the end of a meal or snack as before, accompanying the local ouzo. It can be used in all those meals they ask a yellow cheese soufflé as in personality or in traditional island recipes such Gkiouslemedes, stuffed zucchini, or sfougato Mytilene, giving totally unique taste.