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"Our cheeses are characterized by their authentic traditional taste"


Meet Lesvos Dairy Feta cheese

Feta always holds a special position in the production process in our factory since its one of the most popular Greek (P.D.O.) cheeses all over the world.

Our Feta is produced ONLY with fresh goat and sheep milk from local farms in the island.
Production procedure begins every day with collecting fresh milk from the farms. Before using the milk for cheese-making, we have completed all necessary monitoring checks and quality controls. The milk is pasteurized and passed directly into the phase of cheese-making, placed in the special cheese tables where is left to become thick with the help of rennet.

The curd is then cut into cubes of a specific size with a special tool and placed in special molds to form it into a specific shape. This stage is of great importance as it needs special cheese art for the correct cheese flavor characteristics, affecting both humidity and the process of its maturation.

The division of the curd plays an important role in the final flavor of the cheese, affecting both the humidity and its proper maturation 
The cut curd is placed in molds where it drains until it expels the whey. Then coarse sea salt is used to salt it. After salting, the cheese enters the phase of maturation, until it reaches optimal ripeness. During the process the temperature and humidity of the room where the cheese ages is closely monitored. Each cheese is treated so it develops the proper flavor and texture.

Our feta cheese matures for at least 60 days under controlled conditions in order to gain full body and pleasantly sour taste. When ripe, the cheese is packaged and kept in the refrigerator until its sale.

Meet Lesvos Dairy hard cheeses

Lesvos Dairy has a reputation in the production of hard cheeses of highest quality, boasting a fine aroma and peppery flavor.
The products which distinguish Lesvos Dairy, are Kasseri, Graviera, Kefalotyri and the traditional authentic Ladotyri Mytilinis in olive oil and in cheese wax, which is characterized for its Protected Designation of Origin P.D.O. and is a unique flavor.

The production of hard cheeses begins with collecting fresh goats and sheep milk of highest quality ONLY from local farms. Before using the we have completed all necessary monitoring checks and quality controls. The milk is then pasteurized and passed directly into the phase of cheese-making where is left
to become thick with the help of rennet.

All phases of coagulation are monitored carefully because they affect significantly the following stages of cheese-making process. After the coagulation, the curd is cut into smaller pieces. Continuing, the curd passes reheating, stirring, pressure, and other ‘treatments’ to get the preferable shape followed by dry salting or in brine salting.

Once the cheeses take in them the needed salt and balance, we place them into special maturation rooms where we monitor temperature and humidity. In these rooms they slowly obtain their characteristic spicy flavor, golden skin, their straw color and the aromatic bouquet. In our hard cheeses we are always very careful with the maturation period as it can can exceed 100 days in order to achieve the best delicious outcome.