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Our cheeses are distinguished for their unique flavor whereas our milk comes ONLY from farms of Lesvos.


Traditional Greek DairyProducts with the scent of Lesvos

Our products are unique because of the Milk

We only use milk from local farms in the region of Lesvos, supporting local economy and farmers, collecting milk on daily basis from more than 500 farmers. Cattles are traditionally farmed and in free grazing.

The livestock in the island of Lesvos is favored since ancient times because of the volcanic pastures, along with the mild climate and rich biodiversity. The quality of milk is therefore affected positively by the island’s nature, for giving special aromas, flavor and high nutrients. .

Our products are unique because we value Tradition

For us, the Lesvos Dairy, the excellent quality of our products is inextricably tied to our land, favored by the culinary culture of our island and the “secret recipes” of the cheese making art that we inherited from our family

We have a history of 45 years in the art of cheese making offering authentic traditional cheese flavors of Lesvos island

Our products are unique because of their unbeatable Flavor

One of the secrets of the unique flavor of our products is that we use larger proportions, in the production process, of sheep’s milk. The cheese making technique we use locks in the product all milk’s nutrition’s and the cream.

Sheep’s milk helps make the flavor of the cheese more intense and buttery, giving it smooth texture, full flavor and very rich aromas. Our products are exclusively salted only with sea salt from Lesvos island nature.

Our cheeses mature slowly and in strictly controlled conditions. Maturity is the key which creates a balanced flavor, exquisite texture and distinctive scents.